A different cube of Rubik

Imagine a very different Rubik cube, much larger than you know. A cube 17x17x17 custom made by Oskar van Deventer.Rubik cube

Enthusiast Kenneth Brandon, also known as RedKB, managed to solve the cube and said: “The way you can solve an 17 x 17 is just like you would do with a seven x seven or a five by five. If you can solve one of them then 17 x 17 is not that difficult, but it is very, very tiring. ”

Brandon says the best approach is the "method of reduction" - that is, solving the centers before moving to the extremities. It took seven and a half hours to solve the cube, in five days.

Once the centers are resolved, says Brandon, "it's like a big cube Rubik, with huge centers, long edges, and tiny angles. ”

You can watch a quick overview of six minutes in the video below, or if you have the strength you can see the whole cube solution from here.

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