Galaxy S24 Ultra's S-Pen stinks

Product design is a field full of different opinions. Companies are agonizing over the physical shapes of their devices and the materials used, trying to create high-quality, high-feeling devices that fit the constraints of mass production.s.

s pen galaxy s24 ultra

Material choices usually focus on cost, feel and durability,

The Samsung noticed that if you take out the Galaxy S24 Ultra's “S-Pen” stylus, you'll find that it stinks…

The 9to5Google found the following incredible post by Reddit user “LatifYil” titled “Why does my pen smell so bad?"

The post has nearly 250 user comments that mostly agree with the post's title and admit that “the S-Pen on my Galaxy S24 Ultra smells. Either I have nose or this thing is barbecued on the inside.” The top comment is: “Op got me to smell my pen. Can confirm it's a stinky boi.”

Those describing the smell seem to agree that the Samsung stylus often smells like its electronics are on fire. One user reports that it is “burnt and smells like plastic”.

Another says the S23 Ultra stylus "smells like new technology with a hint of burn."
While a more descriptive commenter says it smells like "an electric mixer that's on, but its beaters are jammed and can't turn, so the motor overheats."

The S-Pen is mostly plastic, but it has a soft rubber tip, and many users recognize this soft part as the smelly part of the pen. s. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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