SharkBotDropper back on Google Play Store with two apps

The SharkBot banking Trojan appears to be back on the Google Play Store, disguised as an antivirus application and a cleaning application.

gplay dropper

So think before you download such applications to clean your phones or "protect" them from viruses.

Fox-It had originally discovered SharkBotDropper on the Google Play Store in February 2022. The Trojan was again disguised as a fake Android antivirus. Now researchers have discovered a new version of this dropper in the Google Play Store.

The new dropper does not ask for permissions to automatically install the Sharkbot malware, researchers report.

Instead, this new version of the Trojan asks the victim to install the malware as a fake antivirus update, to stay protected from threats.

Researchers discovered two SharkbotDopper apps on the Google Play Store, installed 10.000 and 50.000 times respectively. The apps in question are: “Mister Phone Cleaner” and “Kylhavy Mobile Security,”

The apps have a total of 60.000 installs by users in the UK, Italy, Spain, Australia, Poland, Germany, the US and Austria. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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