Greek websites serve hoax "Video from necropsy to alien"

On the altar of clicks, information is sacrificed. And this happens once again from with ".” It is released today in almost all Greek blogs the story with the necropsy of the alien in Russia. From "reliable" sources:

In 1969 in the city of Sverdlovsk a UFO reportedly crashed and was recovered by the Russian military. In the video one sees close-ups of the UFO itself, in which - as they broadcast in Russian - a dead alien was found.

Here's the video

So let someone explain to us how it is possible for the alleged forensic surgeon who performs the autopsy to surgical gloves from LATEX 1969, when latex did not exist. Let's not talk about the rigid stiffness that is not natural and there is no reason why extraterrestrial bodies may be flexible as rubber. Let us not mention the absence of blood because we can not know the anatomy of an alien.

Of course, if such a remarkable event really happened, the expert "scientist" would have to photograph the content as it was before starting to remove instruments. So the next generations would have the opportunity to study autopsy.

We left for the end, one more serious reason, which makes us believe that "valid" Greek websites are reproducing a hoax. The video quality is very good, which would not be possible with it of 1969.

The conclusion is yours to make.

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