Slide-to-Shutdown to shutdown Windows 8 systems

Slide-to-Shutdown: You know that Windows 8.1 has an alternative way to shut it down your; The feature called “Slide to Shutdown” provides an impressive way to shutdown of Windows. It was created for computers and tablets that go into Connected Standby mode. Connected Standby mode is a power management feature similar to what smartphones have. Most Desktop PCs and even x86 tablets do not support Connected Standby mode. However, you can use the Slide-to-Shutdown feature regardless of your system. Below we describe how:

Open File Explorer and follow the path:

c: \ Windows \ System32

There is one called SlideToShutdown.exe. Find it. You can type its name into your Explorer's search box (where it says “Search System32” in the photo below) to find it faster.


SlideToShutdown exe

Right click on and select Pin to Start to display it on start your computer
Now on the Start screen and locate the SlideToShutdown shortcut.

Tip: you can also pin the shortcut to start or even if you use an alternative program for start menu button.
8.1 Windows Update
Change it of the tile to the one you want
Now click on the tile you just created. You can do Slide-to-Shutdown with your mouse or finger if you have a touch screen:


That was, enjoy the new feature of Windows 8.1. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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