Why does the Motorola Moto 360 still have a screen cut?

Motorola today introduced the next generation of SmartWatch Moto 360, and to the great disappointment of Android friends, the gadget screen is still missing a piece.Motorola Moto 360

The missing piece from the Moto 360 is called a "shelf" or "shelf" by Motorola, while frustrated consumers call it a "flat tire." The peculiarity exists from the devices of the first generation and as you can see in the photos it continues to exist in the second, while Motorola claims that it would like to get rid of it eventually.

During a press conference yesterday, VB asked Motorola's top designer Jim Wicks to explain the flaw.

VB: How do you react to criticizing the shelf? From leaks, people react negatively to what you call a shelf at the bottom of the clock.

Jim Wicks: We could move the shelf. We should have had a round screen with a thicker wreath or a larger watch, and we did not want to do that. We could have done it from the first but we chose not to do it.

The diameter at 46 mm instead of 42 mm is really important. What makes it a shelf, is that it hides some really important sensors - the distance sensor and others.
They are also screen drivers, and this way we can keep a very simple and thin rim.

… You can see some designs that are rectangular, or have some metal coming out, that are really trying to cover things up. We do not do that, for the reasons I said. We wanted to have the best application. So looking at the other designs we decided that the shelf was the best design decision.Motorcycle 360

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