Spotify for desktop: writes hundreds of gigabytes of data to the disk

If you're using Spotify's desktop application to listen to music, you'd better temporarily change your habit and listen to your favorite music from the Web or from a Spotify mobile app.

Several subscribers have reported that streaming service applications for Mac, Windows and Linux write hundreds of gigabytes of data each day on users' hard drives, even when the software is idle and supposedly does not store locally, according to Ars Technica.spotify

It's not clear why this is happening, but you should definitely avoid Spotify's desktop application at the moment, because the very frequent recording of data on your hard disk may shorten its life.

Even SSDs that do not have moving parts have a limited number of write-read cycles, and unnecessary Spotify recordings with tones of data can cause a decrease in performance.

Spotify with a statement at Ars Technica reported that it corrected the problem with the 1.0.42 version, which will soon be released if it is not already released for all users at the moment.

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