Stop locking the remote computer in TeamViewer

In the latest version 10 of TeamViewer, the automatic lock feature of the remote computer after the end of a session is set to "automatic" so that those of you who have downloaded and are running version 10 may be unhappy with the unexpected lock of the remote computer.teamviewer

The feature was set differently than before in previous versions and maybe those of you running the latest one don't know how to disable this command.

Of course you should first of all be bothered by the specific behavior of this feature as some others have complained on its forum Teamviewer.

The solution, of course, is given through the program menu, and in particular you have to follow the following path:

Extra> Options> Advanced> Show advanced options> Connection settings on other advanced computers> Remote computer lock> Never


By default you will find it with the “Automatic” option and you should choose the “Never” option. Of course, there is also the "Always" option for those who want one (spastic but ) behavior.

In addition to the above permanent option, there is also temporary or if you want option for the current session which you can set as follows:

In an open session, select from the bar at the top of the window:

Actions> Lock Computer> Uncheck Lock at End of Session

But remember that the above he's got current session only. If you close Teamviewer and restart it then “Lock at end of session” will be back on by default. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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