Five weird Wearable that you do not think there are

The world of digital devices worn on you (w) is expanding rapidly and if you think that with the sensors during the gym or the smartwatches you have seen it all, you are wrong. There are some products that you can put on your body but you can not even imagine their existence.

While most wearables manufacturers have focused on products that can mainly be worn around the wrist or head, some have expanded a little further with gadgets for hands, feet, body and so on. Get a taste of 5 weirdly waerable that can connect to the internet.

Electricfoxy ping. The cloth is connected to the internet

Do you need to stay connected with social media tools all the time? Electricfoxy has come up with a strange solution to help you by offering a range of clothes, so-called social clothing. Once you connect your garment to your social media account, you will be able to handle your online gestures, for example by picking up the hood of the sweatshirt you are wearing.


You could rip your clothes or open your hands to send a facebook reply. The more likely it would be for people around you to think you were crazy.


If you've been honed with this outfit, then take a look at her whole range Electricfoxy and you will find some interesting pieces. For example, a jacket with a zipper that allows you to control the volume of the music you listen to.

Electrozyme. Biosensors in temporary tattoos

Most of the respective wearables on the market can keep notes on the number of calories you have taken or count how many steps you have made and what calories you burn. But the Electrozyme is a fitness tracker somewhat different. And do not be fooled by the word tattoo, you will not be in pain when you wear it, as this is actually a term used to describe a "sensor on a printed electrochemical platform".


Basically what we have here are some biosensors that are capable of analyzing a user's sweat and compiling a finding related to hydration, electrolyte levels, muscle fatigue, and so on. The best part is that the tattoo can be printed to look like something you like and when you're done with it, you can just rinse it. So seriously think of the solution to appear in a weights gym and you have a tattoo biofeedback on your inflated arm that writes I love you mom !!!

Lechal: Interactive Shoe with Excitement

Smart shoes have begun to appear more and more often in the markets in the last few months, and shoes from Lechal is definitely a strange addition to this new fashion.


If you do not like looking down, towards your phone when trying to find the way you turn to reach your destination and want a more sophisticated and at the same time more intuitive way to get directional instructions then let Lechal to enchant you with her interesting proposal. Connect the smart shoes with Google Maps via Bluetooth and as you walk the left or right shoe will vibrate to show you where to go.

Motorola: Password on pill

Are you completely freaky with security codes? Do you put incredibly long codes on your favorite sites or machines that bother you so you don't remember them? Are you looking for ways to ensure that hackers and underpants do not get you? (Editor's note: are you reading me George?). THE Motorola has a strange solution to your security problem that may shock you a little.


You need to swallow a pill-code that essentially turns the host into an identity badge. After swallowing the following magic begins to happen. The acid in your stomach will start to interact with the anti-theft pill and will generate an eighteen-bit signal in the form of an electrocardiogram (18-bit ECG) signal that is strong enough to unlock a smartphone or other gadget. However, it has not yet been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and therefore we are still not sure that it is safe enough for our health. However, this miracle pill is ready to reach the shelves of stores as soon as it gets approval.

MIT: Fiction Sensor

Do not you just use your imagination when reading a book, and you want something more? Then imagery sensors can be this thing that will make the difference. The program was developed by MIT and promises to reflect the atmosphere of a book by suggesting you to wear a vest-device that is capable of excitement of bodily sensations in relation to the events that occur in the book at any given moment.


Of course the list of weird digital wearable objects does not end here. The imagination of the builders seems to have no limits and will surely surprise us for some time. Whatever you have, any of you who is in possession of such an object we wish him good!

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