Subs Heroes Italian documentary about underground translators

Subs Heroes is an Italian documentary that has just been released. The documentary tells the story of underground subtitling in a country that "continues to pay the price for the language barriers created by fascism."

However, local anti-piracy groups and the country's film industry are angry because the film paints them volunteer translators like digital heroes.Subs Heroes

As soon as Hollywood blockbusters appear online, small armies of people from all over the world take action, translating the dialogues into all the languages ​​of the world.

For many years, fansubbing communities have provided incredible service to online movie and TV viewers around the world. So following in the footsteps of films like TPB: AFK and Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web, a new film premieres in Italy to describe a fairly large community.

The documentary Subs Heroes was written and directed by Franco Dipietro.

It was released in cinemas in late January, and is said to record fansubbing's contribution to Italian culture in a country where fascism in 1934 banned the use of foreign languages ​​in movies, books, newspapers and everyday speech.

The page being displayed is It was founded by a group of teenagers in 2006, and today is now run by a group of men and women who maintain their identities as regular citizens during the day and become "teen superheroes" at night.

Needless to say, not everyone is happy with the report on the site, which currently has 500.000 members.

It is known that fansubbing is not liked by anti-piracy groups, who in every way accuse subtitling groups of helping and inciting piracy. The same view is supported by the local anti-piracy organization FAPAV (Federation for the Protection of Audiovisual Content), which accused Dipietro's film of criminal activity (!) As reported by TorrentFreak.

In a statement shortly after the release of Subs Heroes, FAPAV made its position clear: websites such as ItalianSubs do not contribute to the development of the audiovisual market in Italy.

"[Italiansubs] translates and distributes subtitles of audiovisual works (movies and TV series) that in many cases have not yet been distributed in the Italian market. All this without having sought the consent of the right holders. The Italian community of Ergo is illegal. "

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