Hacked by Independent Telegraph and CNBC by the Syrian Electronic Army

Independent, the Telegraph, and the CNBC website were violated by our well-known team Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). Twitter users also report other websites, such as PC World, Forbes, OK Magazine, NHL, Elsevier, and the official Dell website in the UK.independent Syrian Electronic Army

A popup window says "We have been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA)." Our team of activists is already known for various Facebook attacks, high profile profiles on Twitter and more.

According to TNW, Independent confirmed the attack, but said its guests are not in danger.


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Shortly afterwards, when he checked the entry point, he said all the domains that were affected were using the Gigya platform for comments. While Gigya has not been violated, the SEA team allegedly gained access to its DNS.

Telegraph confirmed the violation also by accusing a third-party service that he did not name:

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