Tactics: The codes that hackers can not break (yet)

The hackers can not copy your tears! Still… Tears keep our eyes hydrated. They even have the power to "cure" us from an intense psychological charge. Can they protect our personal data on the Internet?

Steven Maison, an Australian ophthalmologist, believes he has a very powerful weapon against hackers. It calls it the "first unique biometric pin in the world," and in fact it is a new mechanism that scans the tears and then uses them as passwords.

tears hackers hackers hackers hackers

Mason dropped the weight of his research on the cornea and less on the iris. This is a rule in optical scanners anyway, as hackers cannot copy the unique way they change their eyes every time they cry.

The scanner has the ability to recognize a person, as each cornea has a kind of unique "map". The Maisons code, however, hopes to make hacker lives a lot harder. As much as they try to use the victim's data since the last time he was linked to his account, the system will constantly fly them out. Why; Because after the eyes change every time they tear, the system also expects to change the data slightly.

"The surface of the cornea is wet thanks to tears, so our data changes from one minute to the next," explains Maison in the Financial Times. "Therefore, every set of data recorded by each eye presents real miniature variations," he adds.

The aim of the experts now is to test the new technology in smartphones, where it could be used to secure any payments or access to other services, such as email. If Maine is right and the "unique biometric pin" proves to be effective, then it can not be ruled out even in automatic pick-ups or security doors.


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