Sfakianakis goes to Anogia at 1 TEDxAogeia

The Electronic Crime Prosecutor's Office will make a contribution to 1ο TEDxAnogeia, in Anogia, Crete. tedxanogeia 2015

The Electronic Crime Investigation Directorate of the Hellenic Police, following a relevant invitation, will make a contribution to 1 TEDxAnogeia, 08-08-2015 and 20: 00 at Agios Yakinthos (Anogia, Crete).

The suggestion will be made by the Director of the Crime of Electronic Crime, Major General Emmanouil Sfakianakis and specialized officers of the Office, while the themes to be developed are:

  • Cybercrime in modern times, myths and realities.
  • How much ς είμαστε στο δια and what are the measures s for , but also for entrepreneurs.
  • Social Networks ( media ) – the yeses and the noes.
  • What are the innovative policies of prevention - Strategies of the Greek Police and what our results are in the fight against cybercrime.
  • Anti-cybercrime legislation.

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