ThePhish: Phishing email analysis program

ThePhish is an automated phishing analysis tool based on TheHive, Cortex and MISP.

It is a web application written in Python 3 and based on Flask that automates the entire analysis process, starting from the extraction of data from the header and body of an email to the processing and final report at the end of the process.

In addition, it allows the analyst to intervene in the analysis process and obtain further details about the email being analyzed if necessary.

For proper use of the program with TheHive and Cortex, it uses TheHive4py and Cortex4py, which are the Python API clients, which allow the use of the REST APIs available from TheHive and Cortex respectively.



$ git clone $ cd ThePhish / app $ sudo apt install python3-venv $ python3 -m venv venv $ source venv / bin / activate $ pip install -r requirements.txt

Operating procedure



Application snapshots


3 start analysis gui

2 gui list


Program analysts

  • AbuseIPDB_1_0
  • AnyRun_Sandbox_Analysis_1_0
  • CyberCrime-Tracker_1_0
  • Cyberprotect_ThreatScore_3_0
  • DomainMailSPFDMARC_Analyzer_1_1
  • DShield_lookup_1_0
  • EmailRep_1_0
  • FileInfo_8_0
  • Fortiguard_URLCategory_2_1
  • IPinfo_Details_1_0
  • IPVoid_1_0
  • Maltiverse_Report_1_0
  • Malwares_GetReport_1_0
  • Malwares_Scan_1_0
  • MaxMind_GeoIP_4_0
  • MetaDefenderCloud_GetReport_1_0
  • MISP_2_1
  • Onyphe_Summary_1_0
  • OTXQuery_2_0
  • PassiveTotal_Enrichment_2_0
  • PassiveTotal_Malware_2_0
  • PassiveTotal_Osint_2_0
  • PassiveTotal_Ssl_Certificate_Details_2_0
  • PassiveTotal_Ssl_Certificate_History_2_0
  • PassiveTotal_Unique_Resolutions_2_0
  • PassiveTotal_Whois_Details_2_0
  • PhishTank_CheckURL_2_1
  • Pulsedive_GetIndicator_1_0
  • Robtex_Forward_PDNS_Query_1_0
  • Robtex_IP_Query_1_0
  • Robtex_Reverse_PDNS_Query_1_0
  • Shodan_DNSResolve_1_0
  • Shodan_Host_1_0
  • Shodan_Host_History_1_0
  • Shodan_InfoDomain_1_0
  • SpamhausDBL_1_0
  • StopForumSpam_1_0
  • Threatcrowd_1_0
  • UnshortenLink_1_2
  • URLhaus_2_0
  • Urlscan_io_Scan_0_1_0
  • Urlscan_io_Search_0_1_1
  • VirusTotal_GetReport_3_0
  • VirusTotal_Scan_3_0
  • Yara_2_0

You can download the program from here.

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