Thomas Beale The Mystery of the Encrypted Treasure

Thomas Beale: Can you solve a mystery that has plagued researchers and treasure hunters for over two hundred years? If you do (assuming it is not a 19th century prank) you may be able to claim a treasure trove of millions.

This treasure belongs to Thomas Beale, and is supposed to have been buried in Bedford County, Virginia sometime in the 1820s. Thomas Beale

If we believe in the myth, the Beale discovered a treasure trove containing gold, silver, and jewelry and buried it in Virginia. He then left three encrypted messages that supposedly show the exact location of the treasure. Below are the two unresolved messages:

All three encrypted messages use substitution encryption, meaning you have to count the words and letters in a key text to find each of the cryptographer's letters.
For one of the messages supposedly solved in the 19th century, the main text used to solve it was the Declaration of Independence, and it mainly mentioned a description of that treasure.

Thus we know that the buried treasure is supposed to contain 5.100 kilos of silver and 1324 kilos of gold.

Of course, the whole thing could be a huge hoax, since even if the encrypted code is eventually decrypted, it may lead nowhere. There is also some doubt as to whether Beale ever existed.

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However, if the above does not concern you and you like to solve puzzles, here is the opportunity. Good luck.

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