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  1. Unfortunately, as it goes, becomes even more politicized…

    • I will totally agree! Once upon a time we went in to read something different in our minimal free time, some news that might have escaped us, some interesting application that we had not tried and we suddenly realize that iGuru (I laugh at the title now) is slowly turning into a political leaflet. From the ones that you use printed for the feces in the canaries' cages.
      As you begin with the 16 years of technology analysis that others envy, tell us if what you write here applies:
      Because if they do not apply as you imagine, I will answer you in the only language you will understand, you have become a ROBA!

        • Dude, I'm responding to a number of comments, not to show who's bigger, but because I'm personally interested in the criticism. As you may have understood, we are open to any kind of criticism (all comments are approved) and especially to the one that aims to make us better.
          Iguru was not created to be played by a guru because I acquired the knowledge from others. So I can not underestimate or overestimate anyone. One thing I do know, the biggest discoveries have been made by questioning.

          So iguru is what you see and yes it is politicized like everything around us after all but it is not partisan. Sometimes opinions clash, and sometimes as it happened here they go away for many different reasons.
          However, our goal is one:
          transfer of information or opinion without censorship, and the step is open to anyone who thinks they have a.

          good continuation and if you want you can find me at [email protected]

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