Watches from Facebook & Google with Trump approval

US President Donald Trump announced on Friday that approved the bill to renew the National Security Agency's (NSA) online monitoring program, which marks a defeat for any defender of digital privacy.

"We just signed Bill 702 to renew the collection of foreign information," Trump wrote on Twitter, referring to US congressional legislation extending section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).Trump

In accordance with Reuters, the law was renewed for six years and with minimal changes to the National Security Agency's (NSA) program, which can now gather information from both foreigners and Americans by law.

The measure was easily passed by the US House of Representatives. last week despite the reactions of the entire online community.

With a tweet on Friday, Trump tried to clarify why he signed the bill, despite repeating an unfounded claim that his Democratic predecessor, Barack Obama, ordered intelligence services to watch the Trump's election campaign 2016.

"I will always do what is right for our country and put the safety of the American people first!"

Without Trump's signature, paragraph 702 was set to expire on Friday, although intelligence officials had said the surveillance program could continue to work until April.

By law, the NSA is allowed to track huge amounts of digital communications from foreigners living outside the United States through US companies. such as Facebook Inc, Verizon Communications Inc and Google Alphabet Inc.

Of course, all those involved in legalizing the massive monitoring of digital data (see White House, US intelligence services and Republican Congress leaders) stated that the program is indispensable for national security, and vital to the protection of allies of the United States.

They agreed that little or no revision is needed.

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Proponents of privacy, on the other hand, say the legalization of mass surveillance by the NSA and other intelligence services is an infringement of the US Constitution. and not only…

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