Turkey blocks Google's DNS after block on Twitter

Yesterday we announced her its ban Twitter in . Όπως ήταν φυσικό, οι Τούρκοι καθόλου ευχαριστημένοι με την κίνηση της q, sought alternative ways to bypass cybernetics .

So the service continued to be accessible via VPN or changing DNS. Today, the "democratic" government of Turkey also blocked Google DNS.

According to local sources, Turkey has blocked Google's DNS across the country, shutting down a major one to Turkish users who want to connect to the social network.

For history, earlier this week, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan promised during a pre-election gathering that he would eliminate Twitter, regardless of what the international community would say.

The country's authorities claim that the social network has repeatedly ignored of the government to remove links, despite the issuance of court decisions.

Of course, Turkish users will not stop connecting as there are still SMS or VPNs. There are alternatives to DNS again from Google and elsewhere.
Let's say, with OpenDNS at the following addresses:

Everything shows that Erdoğan and the people around him have not understood that restrictions are counterproductive . Even with the ban on the social network, Turks continue to attend the microblogging service. The local community is outraged and the international community condemns the event. maybe in this way the Turkish prime minister thinks he can impose his opinion. An opinion, which condemns free communication and makes it illegal.

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