Twitter: Voice messages have arrived

Twitter may have doubled the length of tweets in 2017, but sometimes even 280 characters are not enough to convey your message. Now, Twitter is adding another feature that will allow you to have voice tweets.

This feature is currently only available for iOS devices and allows you to post voice messages to your tweets, such as voice clips on WhatsApp or other messaging services.

To use this feature, simply press the compose button for a new Tweet, and then press the new audio button shown at the bottom left. Press the button and then press "Finish" when done.

Voice clips are limited to 140 seconds. However, if you exceed the limit, Twitter automatically launches a new voice tweet and creates a new thread.

Voice tweets appear in your timeline with a large card like a video tweet. The sound does not play automatically. You need to click on the image to start. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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