UbuCon Europe 2016: The first European Ubuntu conference

The first Ubuntu European conference, UbuCon Europe 2016, will take place on November 18-20 in Essen, Germany.


Get ready for the most important Ubuntu event in Europe. Registrations for UbuCon Europe 2016 have been opened for two months and the event will take place at Unperfekthaus in Essen, Germany.

This is the first conference dedicated to the European Ubuntu community. According to the official website  three days of discussions, workshops, shows, speeches, exhibitions and good food are scheduled for the conference! In the evenings, social events have been organized to give you the opportunity to visit some of Essen's most beautiful sights!

If you have not registered yet, this is the last alert to go to the site and register your presence. There, you will also find all the details you need to know for your trip and your stay.

So those of you who are interested in attending the conference, learn about the future of Ubuntu and learn more about the Linux operating system have just a three-day trip to Germany.

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