Ubuntu DesktopPack 20.04 and with Windows 10 theme

Mark Bezrukov he said the release of Ubuntu DesktopPack, a new remix of Ubuntu created by UALinux Ukraine.

The latest version of the project comes in 13 different different flavors, including two new ones - one with the desktop Deepin and another that uses GNOME with a Windows 10-like theme.

From the release announcement:

“The Ubuntu Pack 20.04 distribution kit is available, and comes with 13 standalone systems with various interfaces: Ubuntu original, Budgie, Cinnamon, GNOME, GNOME Classic, GNOME Flashback, KDE, LXqt, MATE, Unity, Xfce, DDE (Deepin desktop) and a Windows 10 interface.

Distributions are based on the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS operating system.

The main differences between our distributions and the original Ubuntu are the official updates already implemented, various graphical interfaces, additional drivers and multimedia programs as well as programs that do not exist in Ubuntu. ”

All 13 versions of Ubuntu DesktopPack are available for download from SourceForge.

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