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Ubuntu Online 21.10 was released today as a desktop remake Ubuntu 21.10 which is web-based and lets you try out the latest version of Ubuntu Desktop from a browser.

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Inspired by the obsolete Ubuntu Online Tour project created by Canonical a few years ago, the Ubuntu Online project aims to give those with very limited resources the option to try the latest version of Ubuntu Desktop in their browser.

Ubuntu Online works both online and offline, but for a better experience the files should be hosted on the internet, on a web server. This is what we did and we uploaded the files to the web server of iGuRu.gr and so you can try the distribution of Canonical through your browser.

Ubuntu Online 21.10 comes with some new features compared to its predecessor. For example, it is compatible with touch devices, so you can try it on a tablet or a mobile phone, although resizing a window on a mobile phone does not work as well as a PC test. Also, some browsers may not support window resizing on mobile devices.

Additionally, you can open the same application multiple times, drag and resize windows, change desktop wallpaper, and clone applications. You can also try the terminal :).

The UI is very limited, as you might expect from such a project, but it looks very much like the GNOME 40 desktop of Ubuntu 21.10 “Impish Indri".

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