Wanda Diaz Merced is the blind astronomer who listens to the stars

Wanda Diaz Merced is studying the light emitted by Gamma rays, the events with the most energy in the universe. When she lost her vision and had no way of dealing with her science, she had an idea:

The light curves that could no longer be seen could be translated into sound. Through sound, she took control of her work, and is now struggling for a more open scientific community.Wanda Diaz Merced

"Science is for everyone," she says Wanda Diaz Merced. "It must be available to all because we are all by nature explorers."

Wanda Diaz Merced spoke at TED Talks 2016. Watch the video at the end of the publication.

Translation Michalis Pappas
Diligence Lucas Kaimaras

Η Wanda reports to 10: 13:

I believe science is for everyone. It belongs to the world, and it must be available to everyone, because by nature we are all explorers. I think that if we limit people with disabilities from taking part in science, we will break our ties to history and society. I dream of a scientific field with equal opportunities, where people encourage respect and respect each other, where people exchange strategies and discover together. If we accept people with disabilities in the field of science, there will be an explosion, a titanic flare of knowledge. I'm sure.

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