War Room Facebook's answer to the elections

War Room: Housed between the 20 building and the 21 building in the heart of the Facebook campus, a conference room is under construction.

Cables hang from the ceiling, ready to be attached to 16 desktop computer screens. On the wall, there are many TVs ready to tune in to CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and other major networks. A small sign glued to the glass door describes what is being made: "War Room" or "War Room."

Next week the site will be Facebook's headquarters for securing the elections. More than 300 people across the company are working on the election, but War Room will host a team of about 20 people who will focus on eliminating misinformation, monitoring fake news and deleting fake accounts that they may be trying to influence elections in the United States, Brazil and other countries.

War RoomPhoto nytimes.com

"It may be the biggest reorientation of the company since our transition from desktops to mobile phones." said Samidh Chakrabarti, who heads the Facebook election department and the main political engagement team.

Facebook's misuse of the past elections did not leave too much room. In July and August, the company analyzed Iranian and Russian attempts to mislead users of the social network. Now, with the upcoming elections in the United States (in about seven weeks), Facebook is trying to convince the world that everything will go fine because it is ready to handle any new attempts to intervene in the elections.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, pledged to correct any problems and said the company would be "better prepared" to handle any possible intervention. The company is said to have taken steps to deter spammers, hackers and foreign agents. Among these measures is the recruitment of thousands of people who will watch each content, and will record virtually all political ads.

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