Websites to lose your time when you are bored

Are you getting fatal? Let's look at some websites that you can miss your time and perhaps admire the incredible stupidity of the human race.


There are many useful websites on the internet with which you can make the most of your free time. They cover almost everything and contain everything from tips and tricks to encyclopedic knowledge, news, games, music and anything you can imagine.

But what if you just want to spend your time, why are you bored? That is, if you want to fool around without putting your mind to thinking, without doing any spiritual work? Of course you could check your email, but that still counts as work. Maybe you could better check out Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. These are for those who do not know the power and variety of the internet.

We have some very good ideas. Here you will find a list of the most wonderful places to literally lose time on the internet, in addition to e-mail and social media. Get ready to add bookmarks to your favorites !!!

The Useless Web

To website “The Useless Web"Offers a disgusting, silly and huge collection of completely useless websites that will definitely help you to waste your time and burn several brain cells. Each time you press the "PLEASE" button a new window will open with a new useless web page.

The range it has is huge and for every website that will open all you have to do is spoil a little gray matter to find out what this page does. It is usually a flash file (allow flash to run) or even just the title of the web page.

However, we can say that some of them are very smart, while others will make you stick for good.

Madeon (Create your own beat beat)

This is a website that you can create musically beat tracks. Of course the internet is full of such webpages but it may well like you and make you loot more than others.

Go to the page and start pressing your mouse with one or more tiles. Blue is for drums, red for bass, and green for voices.

Try different combinations of musical instruments and voices until the constant beats take your head and jump. Good musical creation.

This is sand (This is sand)

The website Thisissand we had it presented earlier to satisfy the wanderer for knowledge, common to the iguru. This is a webpage that helps you relax and do not think anything by simply throwing your mouse from above and building a long puzzles.

To fill your entire screen, it takes a lot of patience and time, but from it we imagine you have a lot. Put some imagination and you will do miracles. Once you get in, press START to get started. (

This is a great collection of online free games. In the you will find from Monopoly to physics and solitaire games.

They are sorted by categories to easily find what you will spend your time with. There is also a field of searches. The range is enormous and it's probably not a lifetime for you to play all this once. By doing a search with the word pacman we found around 120 different pacman games !!!!

Friends who are over 50 and who were the first to discover the electronic games in "ufadika", will remember all the games they played then with 5 drachmas, such as Space Invaders, snake, Arkanoid etc. But also the younger ones to have fun, since they will surely find their own decade when they were 12 years old.

This website is among the useless because it is very simple all its games are very simple, small, with no particular need of mind and with complete lack of script. Have fun.


That's it Mandalagaba is a website that you can draw 3D symmetrical painting. The movement of your mouse creates two to one hundred symmetrical lines in relation to one line that you do.

Symmetric patterns created by shaking your mouse will hypnotize you, but so much when you enter such sites there are not many demands of lightning-spirited and sparkling gaze. It's a relaxing web site that will make you stick and you can share it with your other bored friends as the website takes care of separately naming each tab you open in it.

For more information and burning please visit website of the iguru with a more detailed presentation we had previously done.

Ocearch (Shark Tracker)

The website It may not be as done as you would like it to be, but no matter how we do it, watching a shark, a sea turtle, a dolphin, a whale, an alligator or a seal on a map is like being in front of a aquarium and fool the fish.

The Marine Research Group OCEARCH Track Sharker tool lets you track all of the above transmitter-labeled animals (and by the way all of them have names) as they travel the world. You can zoom in on a specific location to see how long a shark travels in a year or to see the caretta caretta in the Peloponnese what walks they do outside the Gulf of Kyparissia.

Gravity Points

The Gravity Points is another burned website that simulates the effect of gravity by allowing you to design small gravity centers on your screen. Subsequently, even smaller objects that flutter will flock to these gravity centers and revolve around them.

The more gravity centers you plan, the more forces you will begin to compete with each other, making your screen even more chaotic. And yes, your gravity points can absorb each other to create a black hole. Chaos, full pouring and no suspicion of thinking. Would you like something else?

We wish you a relaxing weekend !!!

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