Web Bloat Score (WebBS) What score does your page score?

Web Bloat Score (WebBS): Everyone knows that most of today's websites are "overweight", but there is no way to measure the amount of bloat.

Yes, you can find out by checking the total size of the download, but kbs or mg is not an issue. For example, the Google search results page is very "overweight" if it is too small (from 10K to 464K), and a page full of images may not be overweight, even if it contains several megabytes.Web Bloat Score

Željko Švedić with the creation of a website offers a solution to the problem, as it provides a very simple score of bloat sites. The idea is simple.

The Web Bloat Score (WebBS) compares the size of the target page's size with the size of a page image in png.

Today there are websites with 3MB or even pages of 5MB and even quite common, although they seem to use more text than images.Web Bloat Score

Basically a non-"inflated" page should score less than 1, and scores of less than 0.5 are definitely possible. Tim Berners-Lee's page at the W3C (one of Švedić's examples) scores 0,204. "Inflated" websites with Google SERP of course have a higher score, they catch 7,38.

There are many obvious reasons for inflating a page. Interactive elements of the page, JavaScript libraries, the Analytics infrastructure for tracking users and of course the ads.

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As you understand removing all of the above, it is virtually impossible, but it can certainly lead to web sites that load and respond faster, which will please all users.

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