Thousands of websites using MadAdsMedia ads have been excluded from Google Safe Browsing

Thousands of website owners using the MadAdsMedia advertising service became frightened after Google Safe Browsing blocked their websites.


A number of users have reported to the Google Forum and the Digital Point forum that their site is blocked by GSB and shows the following warning message: "This site [website] has been reported as a malicious attack page and has been blocked according to your security preferences ".

Even after removing the MadAdsMedia script from their website, it still shows the Malware warning.

It is still unknown whether Google has accidentally blocked these sites or MadAdsWebsite has been tampered with to serve malicious ads.

According to fz6 -forum, a MadAdsMedia server had been compromised and some ads contained malicious code.

"This message is about the latest malware warnings that some of our managers may have encountered. Just before noon today, our engineers discovered that a place serving our ads has been violated. "

"Since this attack was detected, our team of engineers worked diligently up to 15: 45 EST to ensure that the appropriate security measures are taken. Unfortunately, during this time, the attack took place in 7,8% of managers' domains, "said MadMAdsMedia.

Source: The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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