85 more useful Websites on the web

Below we will look at some of the most useful Websites on the internet that you may not be aware of.

These websites may be able to solve the problems you face every day.

Bookmark the page and avoid Google searches.

So let's look at them one by one


The 85 Most Useful Websites…

  1. zerodollarmovies.com - find full movies on YouTube.
  2. screenr.com - create movies from your desktop and upload them directly to YouTube.
  3. goo.gl - shorten URLs and URL converter to QR codes.
  4. unfurlr.come - find the original URL hidden behind a short URL.
  5. qClock Find local time in a city using Google Maps.
  6. copypastecharacter.com - copy characters that do not exist on your keyboard.
  7. codeacademy.com - learn code online
  8. lovelycharts.com - create flowcharts, network charts, sitemaps, and more
  9. iconfinder.com - find icons in all sizes
  10. office.com - Download templates, clipart and images for your Office files
  11. followupthen.com - set email reminders.
  12. jotti.org - scan suspicious files and email attachments for viruses
  13. wolframalpha.com - immediate answers without searching
  14. printwhatyoulike.com - print web pages without clutter.
  15. eggtimer.com - simple online timer
  16. coralcdn.org - High traffic to your page? try the coral CDN.
  17. random.org - random numbers, and more
  18. pdfescape.com - Fast PDF editing in your browser
  19. tubemogul.com - Upload videos to YouTube and other video sites at the same time
  20. scr.im - post your email online without worrying about spam.
  21. spypig.com - recipes in your email
  22. myfonts.com/WhatTheFont - find a font name from an image
  23. google.com/webfonts - collection of open source fonts.
  24. regex.info - find the data hidden in the photos (EXIF)
  25. Livestream.com - broadcast live events all over the web
  26. iwantmyname.com - domain search in all TLDs.
  27. homestyler.com - design from scratch or from model models, Your home in 3d.
  28. join.me - share your computer screen with anyone you want
  29. onlineocr.net - text from scanned PDFs
  30. flightstats.com - Locate a global flight
  31. wetransfer.com - upload huge files online.
  32. hundredzeros.com - free Kindle books
  33. typewith.me - work on the same document with many partners
  34. whichdateworks.com - are you planning an event? find a date that everyone agrees on.
  35. everytimezone.com - world time zones.
  36. gtmetrix.com - site performance online, for webmasters and webmasters.
  37. imo.im - chat your friends on Skype, Facebook, Google from one place
  38. translate.google.com - translation of web pages, documents and PDF
  39. kleki.com - paint online
  40. wordle.net - text summaries with tag clouds.
  41. bubbl.us - create mind-maps, brainstorm ideas in your browser.
  42. kuler.adobe.com - ideas with colors
  43. liveshare.com - share your photos immediately
  44. lmgtfy.com - when your friends get bored of searching on Google and bother you
  45. midomi.com - find the name of a song
  46. google.com/history - your previous searches
  47. faxzero.com - free online faxing
  48. ge.tt - send a file quickly. It has a preview before they download it
  49. pipebytes.com - transfer files without uploading them to a third party server
  50. tinychat.com - private chat rooms
  51. privnote.com - creating notes that are self-destructive.
  52. boxoh.com - Load tracking on Google Maps
  53. mondrian.io - create vector in your browser
  54. draw.io - create charts and flowcharts in your browser, export to Google Drive and Dropbox.
  55. downforeveryoneorjustme.com - offline or not
  56. ewhois.com - find other sites or someone with reverse Analytics lookup.
  57. whoishostingthis.com - find the web host of each page
  58. disposablewebpage.com - creating a temporary website that destroys itself
  59. urbandictionary.com - definitions slang etc.
  60. seatguru.com - consult the site before your next flight
  61. unsplash.com - download images for free
  62. zoom.it - view high definition images in your browser without scrolling.
  63. scribblemaps.com - create custom Google Maps
  64. alertful.com - email reminders
  65. picmonkey.com - image editor.
  66. sumopaint.com - image editor.
  67. snopes.com - find out if a news item is hoax.
  68. typingweb.com - typing practices
  69. mailvu.com - send video emails with your web cam.
  70. timerime.com - create timelines with sound and images
  71. stupeflix.com - create movies from images, sound and video clips.
  72. teuxdeux.com - to-do application
  73. deadurl.com - did you delete your bookmarked sites?
  74. minutes.io - quick "notes" in important meetings.
  75. youtube.com/leanback - watch YouTube channels in TV mode.
  76. youtube.com/disco - fast video playlist creation
  77. pancake.io - create a free website with your Dropbox account.
  78. builtwith.com - find out what technology each website uses
  79. woorank.com - website scan for SEO
  80. mixlr.com - live audio broadcasts on the web.
  81. radbox.me - bookmark online video and watch later
  82. tagmydoc.com - add QR codes to documents and presentations
  83. notes.io - write notes from your browser
  84. otixo.com - online file management in Dropbox, Google Docs, etc.
  85. ifttt.com - link all your online accounts (not recommended)

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