What can every business learn from Apple's mistakes

Of the developers of the apps I definitely learned something important from the latest version of its products Apple: Even the industry titans are making planning errors and facing disasters.

And it's amazing the size of the bugs, remember that Apple was forced to withdraw the iOS 8.0.1 update just days after it was released.


All businesses, not just developers, can learn enough from Apple's mistakes.

Do not let the mistakes of the past haunt you

Steve Jobs was the ultimate leader of the company. Intelligent but also sharp to partners and customers. In response to complaints that the iPhone 4 did not have a signal in 2010, Jobs said, "There is no issue. Just avoid holding it [the phone] this way. ”

Of course, the company's customers did not like the answer, and after their protests, Jobs apologized: "If you are still not happy, you can bring the iPhone 4 back intact for a full refund."

But the damage had been done. Apple finally accepted the responsibility, but its customers and journalists agreed that they should not have a more rational answer to the problem sooner. Apple surpassed it, but these incidents tend to have a cumulative effect. This incident has been over Apple since that day.

The lesson; Your company has a history. This is especially true today with social media. Your best bet is to prevent problems through a more diligent approach to all your tasks.

Never state that your competitor's characteristics are unnecessary

"No one is going to buy a big phone," said Steve Jobs of Apple in 2010. Jobs was referring to the large Samsung Galaxy S smartphone, and insisted that "no one is going to buy them."


of course Samsung did not forget, so the answer that came to Twitter after the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus was probably expected.

The lesson; Do not defame competition when you are not completely sure of something.

Do not make your enemies your greatest fans

Sure, all technology geeks have seen the videos or read the stories about the iPhone 6 that bend. Apple's initial reaction was silence.

A few days later, the company issued a categorical response: "With normal use, iPhone bending is extremely rare and after six days of sales, a total of nine customers were found who had an iPhone 6 Plus bent," said an Apple spokesman. Trudy Muller. Social media quickly christened the #bendgate problem and an almost hysterical parody broke out with hundreds of clever tweets.


The fact that Apple admitted the problem of the nine users is not responsible. The number is irrelevant.
Apple could have thanked 9 for new owners who reported the problem and drew attention to them.

The lesson; Always try to use the review to your advantage. Your users are trying to help you by finding bugs and reporting problems. Be grateful and not sarcastic at all.

Do you think Apple is big enough to suffer any financial loss? The company has for a long time has deservedly gained the reputation of producing quality products. This has given her a credit of time. Most small and medium-sized businesses do not have this significant advantage. They have no time credit. If your business's new "iOS 8" does not work well, your customers will not have the patience to provide them with a better product.

Final lesson: It takes time and commitment to quality to build a reputation that can withstand the scrutiny and worst criticism. In April 2014, Apple CEO Tim Cook said: “Do you want to take your time and do it right? Our goal was never to be the first. The goal is to be the best. It takes time to get things right. ”

Maybe he should have heard his own advice. It's never too late.

The article was published by Ran Rachlin at the TNW.
Ran Rachlin is the co-founder and CEO of Ubertesters, a global provider of an integrated cloud-based mobile beta testing tool for mobile applications.

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