WhatsApp will allow you to hide your phone numbers

Το WhatsApp ενισχύει τα πρωτόκολλα απορρήτου για τους της κοινότητας εισάγοντας μια καινοτόμο λειτουργία που επιτρέπει στα μέλη να προστατεύουν τους τηλεφωνικούς τους αριθμούς.

In a typical community chat, the identities of participants remain hidden, with the exception of administrators who can see the names of all members. However, this veil of anonymity does not exist when you reply to a message in the community bulletin board, thereby exposing our phone number to the public. The new "Phone Number Privacy" feature ensures that your contact information remains hidden.wp

We should mention that this feature is exclusively available to community members. If you're a community creator or admin, WhatsApp's privacy settings don't allow you to hide your phone number.

You could have experienced the new feature firsthand if you signed up for the beta versions of the WhatsApp app for Android from the Google Play Store or for iOS from the Apple App Store. At this moment, however, the entries for the beta test have been completed for both stores.

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