WhatsSpy Public: Do You Use WhatsApp?

WhatsSpy Public: Do you trust WhatsApp? The popular app has one error, που not is new. It has been notified to the company by September of 2014. whatsapp WhatsSpy Public WhatsSpy Public

A Dutchman college student ο Maikel Zweerink decided to develop an application to remind weaknesses of the application WhatsApp to the company's technicians.

The Web-based tool of Zweerink it is called WhatsSpy PublicAnd he watches each user of WhatsApp you want. 

Εit is a evidence about how This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. WhatsApp can protect your privacy:

Ξit started like experimentation to WhatsApp and developing one muzzle, but I stayed surprised when I realized that someone could abusing the feature "online" of WhatsApp to watch online condition of each user.

All you need to you do to retrieve the connection state each phone number is add it in contacts your and open a window conversation, without warning the owner ή phone number requesting his permission.

Ο Zweerink released it its tool on February 7 and may disclose the following details from each phone number that uses WhatsApp:

Online / Offline condition (even if the choice protection is on "Nobody")
The ones Pictures of Profile (only when η protection of private life is set on to everyone" which is the default)
Status messages (only when η protection of private life is set to "everyone", the who is the default)
The Pprivacy settings.

You can read more on the official page of its application Zweerink https://gitlab.maikel.pro/maikeldus/WhatsSpy-Public


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