Wikipedia the sound of all human knowledge the new sound logo

The Wikipedia Foundation has adopted a new audio logo chosen by the community. 2.094 participants from around 135 countries participated in a community event to establish a new sound for the Wikipedia brand. If you're familiar with the sound Netflix makes when you open the app, that's the idea behind this new sound logo. Entitled “Sound of all Human Knowledge”, we will hear the official version in June 2023.sound soon

Wikipedia decided to strengthen its corporate brand by creating this new sound logo. The winner of the contest, as voted by the community, was Thaddeus Osborne. He is a part-time music producer while also working as a nuclear engineer.

Osborne's description of its sound:

“My audio logo welcomes its audience into a world of information. The sound of a rapidly turning page becomes a library like vortex of typing, clicking and rustling of paper that promises vast stores of wisdom followed by a friendly invitation. This is what I realize about the Wikimedia movement, the open and encouraging exchange of knowledge. Lots and lots of knowledge.”

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Wikipedia, Sound of all Human Knowledge

Written by giorgos

George still wonders what he's doing here ...

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