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  1. That is, Theo and George, if we turn off automatic updates, but use them manually by pressing the "check for updates" option, we are not doing well? I ask because I'm not as relevant as you.

    • updates should be made, without them there is a risk of system infection. The publication refers to special cases like this one here

    • With the updates, our system becomes less vulnerable to various types of threats, as George rightly states. If you deactivate the updates by choosing to do them manually, in the time interval for the manual download in relation to the case that the system would be updated automatically, ie you are not immediately protected, so it is possible that your system will be infected. In essence, with automatic updates enabled, your system is more secure with faster installation of the necessary upgrades to the windows operating system, while with manual updating there is a security gap from the moment an update is available until it is installed.

  2. It would be good to say the importance of updates. The updates, in addition to containing trial versions of files for future operating system upgrades that often make our system malfunction, also include significant changes to the architecture to fill security vulnerabilities and fix bad code.

    • thanks for the feed back, we added a suggestion at the beginning of the post.

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