The Windows 10 build 10125 ISO has leaked

Immediately after their leakage screenshots of Windows 10 build 10125, ISO came up to allow you to install the new version.Windows 10 Build 10125 1

ISO of the Windows 10 build 10125 are available for x86 and x64 systems, and you can download them from Mega links at the end of the publication.

Window 10 build 10125 comes with new icons, and improvements to the start menu that can now be modified by the end user.

They also bring a new quick way to find the installed applications on your computer.

Window 10 build 10125 seems to be much finer compared to the previous version of 10122, which is the latest release from Windows Insider's Fast ring.

This could be a sign that we are very close to the RTM release. According to sources familiar with the subject, the 10 Windows RTM it should be ready in June.

From we do not recommend creating files from unofficial sources. Of course, Microsoft will not support any damages caused by these files. So if you still want this download for installation, proceed at your own risk.

Download ISO

Version information:

x64 Hashes:
CRC32: 70C63F00
MD5: 5C05E39E6F8C8BED177C82734F706E20

x86 Hashes:
CRC32: F0E91152
MD5: 7142B9A49ADA597C1C130624D126308D
SHA-1: E737950B8AF56787410BAFEF5A457957D0D0A944 The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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