Windows 10 Microsoft fixes the chkdsk command

If you had problems with Windows 10 and you would see a Blue Screen of Death while executing the command chkdsk, do not worry. You will be able to use the command again in the next 24 hours, according to Microsoft.

In an earlier post we mentioned that some computers with Windows 10 had problems when users ran the built-in Check Disk Utility (chkdsk). Check Disk Utility lets you use the command prompt to scan a specified disk and repair / recover data on the drive.

With the latest update, however, the disk control tool crashed, which caused problems on some devices.

Microsoft he says that a "small number of devices" that have installed their update Windows 10 KB4592438 may not start if you run the command “chkdsk / f ”.

Microsoft recognized the problem very quickly and has already started developing an update. The company even stated that the error will be corrected automatically in the next 24 hours without having to make changes.

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