Leak: Windows 32 10TB was 1.2GB & trivial

As we mentioned yesterday, the source code of several builds and Microsoft Windows 10 tools leaked to the internet. According to the company, potential damage from the violation may be limited.

Windows 10 the leak:

The Register first published the leak on June 23 and reported that up to 32TB of "official and non-public (Windows 10) installation images" had been uploaded to BetaArchive.com. BetaArchive is called "the beta collector community" and "one of the largest Beta & Abandonware repositories!" Windows 10

The leaked code can be dated back to March 2017, according to Reg, and is reportedly part of Microsoft's Shared Source Kit. Includes source code for basics of Windows 10, PnP code, USB and WiFi stacks, storage drivers and its code ARM OneCore kernel. "

The builds of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 have never been released to the public. Internal builds were created by the Windows team only for Microsoft engineers for trial and debugging purposes, which usually do not exist in public releases.

Αυτό το λογισμικό περιλαμβάνει, για παράδειγμα, προ-εκδόσεις του Windows 10 “Redstone” και builds των 64- ARM των Windows. Πάρα πολλές εκδόσεις από αυτές που διέρρευσαν στο διαδίκτυο έχουν ανακληθεί από τη Microsoft λόγω του μηχανισμού Boat.

In the tweet below, you can see images from the leaked files

BetaArchive has already downloaded according to the owner of the 1,2 TB code of Windows 10 according to the original report.

The "Shared Source Kit" folder existed on FTP until the Register article was released. We removed it from FTP and our lists. ”

Microsoft, for its part, confirmed the leak by saying:

"Our review confirms that these files are part of the source code from the Shared Source Initiative, and are used by OEMs and partners."

Through the Shared Source Initiative, Microsoft authorizes source code for various of its products to certain "specialized" customers, governments and partners for debugging purposes.

Windows 10 leak: The Counter

Let's mention Windows 10 Shared Source Kit means the source code that is shared.

Another leak from The Verge claims that "most of the collection (of leaked files) was available for months or even years."

The publication by Reigster of the United Kingdom claims that 32 TB data leaked. but The Verge claims that most of these 32 TBs have been online for years and that the new leak is actually much smaller and reaches just 1,2 GB.

Reigster claims that this leak is even greater than the famous 2004 source code of Windows 2000, but The Verge disagrees.

Verge seems to be correct because the leakage of this source code seems to be secondary and uninteresting, as it includes files related to USB, storage, and Wi-Fi only Windows 10 drivers.

These files were already shared by Microsoft on computer manufacturers and other partners (OEMs, businesses and governments), while leakage of 2004 was huge.

I do not think anyone would argue that USB drivers are so important. The only thing that seems to be in the leak is the ARM OneCore kernel, but if it belongs to the Windows 10 Shared Source Kit, it's already Shared by the company itself.

Verge tries to link one incident: Yesterday, two men in the United Kingdom were arrested who had gained unauthorized access to the Microsoft network.

These two men were apparently gathering Windows 10 Insider updates which were never given to external testers and then made available online. Most of those 32GB of leaked Windows 10 were apparently these builds, not their source code.

We will probably find out what really happened in the next few days. Of course we are not waiting to find out what happened from Microsoft itself, as a possible leak of the source code of Windows 10, would It's the end of the much-hyped operating system. Unless the company makes it Open Source.

I can then reinstall Windows on my computers.

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