Microsoft: Upgrade Windows 7 is not secure

Windows 7 or Windows 10; Windows 10 is currently running on more than 20 percent of desktop PCs in the world, and Microsoft's biggest challenge seems to be to persuade those using the Windows 7 operating system to upgrade.

Some time after the release of Windows 10, Windows 7 is still the desktop operating system that uses 50% of world market share according to third party data.Windows 7

Windows 7 support ends in 3 years, but Microsoft knows very well that it could experience what is still experiencing Windows XP, since there are still users who have them installed on their computers and do not upgrade despite the obvious dangers for the safety.

So the following news should not be a big surprise:

Microsoft has already begun the attack against Windows 7, since in a blog post published in German version of the company page notes the differences of this old operating system compared to Windows 10.

In a nutshell, Microsoft says Windows 7 does not have the security features needed to deal with today's threats, while at the same time adds that Windows 10 has everything it takes to keep its customers secure.

"Windows 7 is based on an outdated security architecture," says Microsoft.

"Companies and users who do not upgrade from Windows 7 within the next three years face huge risks."

Microsoft immediately praises her home (not to fall flat) and reports that Windows 10 has security enhancements as part of the operating system. It also emphasizes that new hardware is specifically designed to work in this version. Continuing the company lists the new features of Windows 10, mentioning Windows Ink, Edge browser, and Cortana digital assistant.

Without doubt, it will be hard to convince Microsoft WindUws 7 users to upgrade to Windows 10, especially if one thinks that most of them have preferred to stay with this version underestimating a free upgrade offer.

On the other hand, following the known aggressive moves of the company, the above news is another beginning of Microsoft's efforts to move users from Window 7. Let's say the company has already announced it will collects less telemetry data from Windows 10.

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We expect these efforts to become more "apparent" in the coming months.

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