Why is Windows 11 faster than Windows 10?

Windows 11 will be released in October and Microsoft continues marketing with new features every week. So this week, the company released a video to show how it managed to improve the performance of the upcoming operating system compared to Windows 10.

Windows 11

In other words, it shows us why Windows 11 is faster than Windows 10, even on the same hardware.

Steve Dispensa, vice president of Enterprise Management at Microsoft, explains that this is all due to a series of changes that of course are not visible but combine the hierarchy of applications and processes, reduce the operating system footprint on the disk, and optimize various applications. All of this is supposed to make Windows 11 faster.

Windows in the foreground always take precedence, Microsoft says, so the focus application is supposed to work more smoothly, no matter what it is.

Microsoft also says it has made Windows Update significantly faster by downloading only the necessary files, which means that packages that end up on your computer can be as much as 40% smaller.

As we already know, Microsoft will launch Windows 11 on October 5. The release of the new operating system will be completed gradually in an effort to prevent stability and performance issues.

"Since the first day of Windows 11 development, we've been working closely with our hardware partners to seamlessly integrate the software," says Microsoft.

It remains to be seen in practice. Or rather see it in practice, because I will not buy another computer, just to run Microsoft Windows 11.

Watch the video released by the company:

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  1. A little bit of the influence of modern hardware, a little bit of teasing the IO and ready the difference of 25% (which is the difference in speed).

    So -again mother- their presentation is "matketing and dry bread".

    Υγ. Consider the virtually minimal viewing of the relevant video, when the active computers are tens of hundreds of millions. Maybe more.
    As should be noted the level of 33 (so far) comments below the video where the only thing they do not write is: boss I said you told me to say, now bring the pay.

  2. A reasonable period of time will pass from the moment they are released, they will see that the world remains in windows 10, and then they will tell us to write wrong, we drop the requirements and we all put it on your devices. I bet on that

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