Windows 12: the big change of the operating system

Microsoft brought some major changes with Windows 11, such as Android app support and a revised user interface. But it seems that the company is preparing to bring even bigger changes to Windows 12.

Windows Central he says that Microsoft is working on a project called CorePC. This project aims to bring a modular, customizable version of Windows. More specifically, CorePC will allow versions of Windows to have different feature sets and application compatibility 12 bb

The company is even reportedly pushing to have this technology ready in time for the next big Windows release in 2024, possibly with Windows 12.

Perhaps the most notable change with this Windows project is that it opens the door for seamless updates to all systems, such as Android. Microsoft will apparently divide its operating system into multiple partitions, containing all system data, application files, and user data per partition.
Android apps will be able to install a system update to an inactive partition in the background, while the device will still function normally through the active partition. Then you just need to reboot your device when prompted and you will have the new update.

I wonder if this approach will require more storage space.

The company's CorePC efforts include a version of Windows that will run only Edge, web apps, Android apps, and Office apps.

A Windows Central source even says that this version will compete with Chromebooks in terms of size, performance and operating system capabilities.
This version is also said to be between 60% and 75% smaller than Windows 11 SE and will target the student market.
A version of Windows with a much smaller operating system size and moderate requirements can translate to cheaper computers. So laptop makers could theoretically lower prices with devices that use less storage and smaller chips. Just like they do with Chromebooks.

Meanwhile, the CorePC project also aims for a version of Windows with a focus on AI and closer synergy between hardware and software. As is the case with Apple computers. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Windows 12

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