WinRAR 6.20 has just been released

RARLAB is the company behind WinRAR and the well-known type of RAR compression. Just released the Final version of WinRAR 6.20.


WinRAR 6.20 is already available for Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Linux and Android operating systems. Existing users can download the latest version from the RARLAB website and install it on an existing pre-installed version. WinRAR does not support automatic updates.

Those who want to see in detail what the new version provides can go to release notes from here.

Several bugs have been fixed in the new version, including an incorrect repair notification that displays "Recovery record is corrupt" when it is not. While the message did not affect a successful repair, it was annoying to users.

WinRAR is still a popular file compression application (for no reason) despite the fact that there are now many free (and quite good) alternatives such as PeaZip or Bandizip or 7-zip and others.

This program paved the way for compression, established the .rar extension, and that's why it stays where it is. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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