A woman was arrested for uploading videos of minors to the Dark Web

A woman was uploading porn on the Dark Web with underage girls. He was arrested yesterday by the police from the Cybercrime Prosecution.

Dark web

It seems that child pornography is not a purely male occupation. According to a police statement, a foreign woman was arrested for uploading pornographic material with minors to the Dark Web. The whole announcement as follows:

Greek police headquarters
Athens, 19 June 2019


Cybercrime Prosecution arrested a foreigner for abusing minors in incest and child pornography via the internet

The investigation of the case is part of a global operation to identify and identify minor victims of sexual abuse and ς οπτικοακουστικού υλικού στο δια

The Cybercrime Prosecution Directorate of the Hellenic Police Headquarters investigated a case of child pornography via the Internet and arrested a foreigner, against whom a criminal case was filed for the abuse of minors in incest, child pornography and child pornography.

The investigation of the case is part of a global operation to locate and identify minor victims of sexual abuse and trafficking of audiovisual material through the Internet.

In particular, as part of a specialized digital search of the visible and dark internet (Dark Web), child pornography material (47 photos and 11 videos) was found involving an unknown woman and (3) underage girls.

The information collected was brought to the attention of the Athens Prosecutor's Office and a relevant committee was issued to lift the secrecy of communications. Appropriate utilization of the pre-investigation material followed and it was verified that the unknown woman is the aforementioned foreigner.

In co-ordinated investigations that followed, in the morning of 12 June 2019 in the home of the rest of the world and in (4) still houses, in the presence of a judicial officer and with the assistance of police officers of the Northern Crime Investigation Division of Northern Greece and local police services, were found and confiscated:

  • (4) mobile telephony,
  • portable electronic tablet device,
  • (6) hard drives,
  • (2) cameras,
  • (4) laptops,
  • (2) mobile connection,
  • bank card,
  • bank document with instructions and codes of use of electronic banking,
  • dagger in leather case,
  • firearm - pistol with cartridge with (4) unloaded cartridges,
  • cartridge case, with (24) unloaded cartridges and
  • (3) improvised raw cannabis cigarettes.

From the on-site investigation of digital testimonies and the continuation of pre-trial investigation, the data of (3) childless girls - foreign victims, which systematically produced pornographic content files that were trafficked through online application to other users, were collected for remuneration.

It is noted that the dagger, the firearm, the cartridge case and the cigarette butts, were found in the home of a citizen, where the foreigner was temporarily staying, and he was arrested for violating the laws on weapons and drugs.

The confiscated evidence was sent to the relevant departments of the Criminal Investigation Division and to the General Laboratory of the State for laboratory examinations.

The detainees, with the case file against them, were taken to the competent Prosecutor, who referred them to an Investigator.

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