WordPress What is the noopener tag?

What is rel = ”noopener” in WordPress? If you write text and add a link that opens in a new window, then WordPress automatically adds the noopener to your link. Below we will see what is rel = "noopener" that WordPress adds and how it affects your website.

Noopener is an HTML attribute that is added to all WordPress links selected to open in a new browser tab. It is also accompanied by rel = ”noreferrer”.

These features have been added to WordPress to address a security gap that can exploit malicious JavaScript websites.wordpress

There are some JavaScript that allow a tab that opens to get some information. If you log in to a website that contains malicious code, then this page, using the window.opener property of your JavaScript, can change your homepage (your site) to steal information and add malicious code.

Adding rel = ”noopener” prevents the new tab from taking advantage of this JavaScript feature. Similarly, the rel = ”noreferrer” attribute prevents the referral page information from being transferred to the new tab.

Affects Your SEO?

Although the rel = ”noopener” feature improves the security of WordPress, many believe that it affects SEO.

It's a myth.

Noopener does not seem to affect the WordPress site's SEO or the overall WordPress performance.

What is the difference between noopener and nofollow?

If you confuse rel = ”noopener” with rel = ”nofollow”, read below.
The noopener feature improves WordPress security by blocking information leakage.
On the other hand, the nofollow feature prevents your site from passing SEO link juice to the referral page. It basically "tells" the Google bot that indexes your page not to follow the link.

Search engines now reportedly "obey" the nofollow feature, but do not consider the noopener.

How to disable rel = ”noopener” in WordPress?

You do not need to disable the tag rel = ”noopener” from your page links. It is needed as extra security and has no effect on your page or SEO.

However, if you need to remove it, then you need to disable the WordPress Gutenberg Editor and use the old classic processor. After that, you will need to add the following code to the functions.php file of the theme you are using.

Removing the noopener is not recommended.

add_filter ('tiny_mce_before_init', 'iguru_disable_noopener'); function iguru_disable_noopener ($ mceInit) {$ mceInit ['allow_unsafe_link_target'] = true; return $ mceInit; }


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