YouTube wants to stop conspiracy videos

YouTube wants to stop suggesting videos of fake conspiracies and fake theories.

Since even the most harmless searches on YouTube can algorithmically lure you into videos containing claims of alien cultures living among us, the company decided to take action. YouTube Kids app does not escape this situation either, as such videos appear there.

Google streaming service says it will not offer "marginal" videos that acrobatic in its terms YouTube Community Guidelines or those who "misinform users". Examples of such types of videos are those that refer to flat Earth theories, misinformation about the collapse of the twin towers on 9/11, miraculous cures for major diseases, etc.

An algorithm will decide which videos will not appear in the recommendations, playing a balance between freedom of speech and maintaining YouTube accountability to users. For some this may be a questionable decision, since when algorithms take on a choice, they usually create problems. However the platform will launch, the new policy will be enforced gradually, starting with a small number of videos in the US, before being developed globally as the algorithm learns and becomes more sophisticated.

According to YouTube the decision affects just under 1% of the videos, but given the large number of clips on the platform, the move will have an impact on millions of videos.

But the "marginal" videos will still appear in the search results and you will see them in your recommendations, if you have subscribed to a channel that contains such content.



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