YTS backed up by Chrome and Firefox for phishing

Chrome and Firefox seem to be blocking instant access to the movie download pages of the popular YTS website. According to Google Safe Browsing, is a "misleading site" that can trick visitors into doing dangerous things.

The warning is a possible result of malicious ads.

Google regularly scans websites for harmful and malicious content to help Internet users avoid dangerous situations.

Safe Browsing is used by popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. When a site is flagged, they display a warning before anyone can access the page.

The same happens with since at the moment it seems to be blocked. Although the homepage of the site appears fine, if you try to continue navigating a torrent page the following warning (Chrome) appears.

Firefox displays a similar warning and prevents users from visiting download pages directly. In both browsers, however, users can accept the risk and visit the page they were looking for.

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We do not know what the problem is at this time, but if we believe the Chrome warning, YTS has been caught using methods Phishing. Google's Safe Browsing report reports that the torrent site recently tried to trick visitors into sharing personal information or downloading software.

We do not know if any of these actually happened. But what we have encountered in the past is that many times safe browsing reports are triggered by some kind of malicious advertising.
We had similar problems in Pirate bay, but the warnings disappear when the webmaster removes some ads.

So can its managers YTS resolve the issue, but Google tagging will not go away easily. A few years ago, the Google Safe Browsing team he said that the warning will remain on the "repeat offenders" for at least 30 days, which will seriously damage the traffic.

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