Arrests of 2 individuals from the Lizard Squad team

A member of the Lizard Squad team was arrested by the police in the UK, reportedly reported.

The Daily Dot reports that the 22-man, Vinnie Omari, was arrested on Monday when the police raided his home. Omari sent a photo of the search warrant to the Daily Dot, arguing that police seized his devices (Xbox One, phones, laptops, USB sticks and other equipment).Lizard Squad

The Thames Valley Police published for arrest on Wednesday, confirming that a 22-year-old from Twickenham had been arrested, "on suspicion of fraud with false documents and computer misdemeanors."

The report states that Vinnie Omari was arrested on Tuesday, but not for the attacks on Sony and Microsoft networks. Vinnie Omari is accused of a PayPal fraud that took place between 2013 and August 2014. Attacks on Sony PSN and Xbox Live are nowhere to be found.

The team Lizard Squad He also tweeted that another member, known as Ryan, had been arrested by the FBI shortly after landing at Dallas Airport. According to the Lizard Squad, Ryan is a Finnish citizen.

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The news comes a day after the announcement by Lizard Stresser Lizard Squad, a tool that will allow anyone to launch DDoS attack networks for $ 6 or more.

In a release on Wednesday, security expert Brian Krebs criticized the technical capabilities of the team, arguing that the Lizard Stresser's source code had been stolen by another similar tool called titanium stresser. The team responded by posting offensive tweets for Krebs.

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