2015 Review: Adobe Fixed 316 bugs in Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player has a bad Web reputation due to its performance but above all for its countless security gaps. So a few days before closing 2015, the Adobe released a new update of Flash that fixes 19 security blanks.Flash Player

Adobe once again announced that a malicious user could potentially take advantage of the flaw, and take control of the system, adding that it has already been exploited in "limited, targeted attacks."

Assessing the year we passed, Flash Player was repaired by 316 from Adobe. This means six different bugs every week!

The Web together with us asks for different solutions so that Flash dependence is not so much. But let us remember what happened in 2015:

After hacking in Hacking Team, Adobe has begun to release security updates along the way, trying to close the security gaps used by the exploits of the group.

The Mozilla Foundation Disabled the Firefox plugin, the Facebook security chief said we should leave it, the Google stopped to use Flash in Chrome, to support Flash ads, and Adobe itself changed the name of the Flash animation tool to "plain" Animate.

Our best wishes to Adobe, but with a 2016 without Flash….

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