NASA's favorite photos for 2016

Happy New Year! The new year is likely to be a very difficult year for her NASA, as the new government Trump has shown before coming to power that he does not do so well with science. THE Trump has already promised to make cuts in the department Earth science, and that it will stop research on climate change.

At the moment, we can see some of his most beautiful photos 2016 by the largest US space agency.NASA

Η NASA selected 66 photos for his roundup 2016. They remind stories of international cooperation, successes, quarrels, secular events and much more. Below you will find some of our favorites.

All captions come from NASA.

You can see all the photos from here.

Antares Rocket Rollout (NHQ201610130104)

Perseid Meteor Shower (NHQ201608120004)

Expedition 49 Red Square Visit (NHQ201609010008)

Atlas V OSIRIS-REx Prelaunch (NHQ201609070110)

Expedition 48 Soyuz TMA-20M Landing (NHQ201609070002)

Antares Rocket Prelaunch (NHQ201610160100)

Expedition 48 Soyuz TMA-20M Landing (NHQ201609070014)

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