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The expected update of Windows 10 features will take place in May 2019

The expected update of Windows 10 features will take place in May 2019

Windows Package Manager is coming

Microsoft announced yesterday that the next Windows 10 feature update will take place in May 2019 and not in April, as originally expected. This is because Microsoft needs more time for thorough checks before it goes public.

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In a statement yesterday, Microsoft explained that the update of Windows 10 - May 2019, will remain in the preview ring throughout the month and throughout this period is expected to receive several changes to improve performance and fix the latest bugs.

The version of Windows that will come to us in May 2019, will also be called as version 1903, which is an indication that the update reached the RTM (Release To Manufacturing) phase in March. Microsoft uses version numbers that are a direct reference to the RTM draft date, as the first two digits represent the year and the other two the month the update is ready.

Mike Fortin stated about it, Vice President of Windows: “I'm pleased to announce that the Windows 10 - May 2019 update will be available next week in the Ring Preview for those in the Windows Insider Program. We will start making it more widely available at the end of May for commercial customers and users who choose the new update. "

As in the case of the October update, the launch will take place gradually and the company says it is improving machine learning technology to identify issues before it becomes widespread.

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