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Microsoft Edge Chromium on Stable build channel

Microsoft Edge Chromium on Stable build channel

Finally here it is: Microsoft has released the first fixed version of Microsoft Edge Chromium.

It has not been officially announced yet and it may be a test on the new channel. Anyway, in the stable branch of Edge Chromium, build is currently available.

Chromium Edge logo - Microsoft Edge Chromium in channel Stable build

The Edge Chromium fixed channel was first discovered on July 30, 2019. But then there was no installer and it was just a stub, which was not able to help the end user. This time, the channel contains version

If you are interested you can download it new version from here

The new release is based on version 77 of the Chromium engine, which is a larger version of the current static version of the Google Chrome browser.

All versions of Edge Chromium currently online are as follows:

Note that it would be good to wait for the official announcement for this version of Microsoft Edge Chromium, which should be accompanied by a change log.


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