2118801700, Wind, Plegmanet and the right customer

Have you ever met 2118801700? Readers of iGuRu.gr will know that my relationships with Wind are not the best. So you could say that I am biased by reading the following article, but I honestly do not care. Something I get when I'm in front of such behavior..
Are you one of the "lucky ones" who received one or more calls from 2118801700 for a fantastic offer, or even better for a missed call? You are not alone.wind

For some time the same phone number seems to have become viral on the various complaints pages on the internet.

For example, his comments white-pages.gr for this number is revealing:

"They call, albeit on a mobile phone, during quiet hours. (01/02/2017) ”

"It is the plegmanet company that cooperates with wind. They are obliged not to call numbers that are included in the register of article 11 but never obey the law because obviously the profit is above. Ask your provider to enter your number in the register and remove it from the phone books (not that it will work…). Also, call the company 2118801700 or 2111051700 directly and explicitly ask them not to bother again. Not politely, they do not understand… you have to find, threaten with complaint and lawsuit and persistently ask for company and owner information in order to make noise and take you seriously because otherwise they write to you. (10/12/2016) ”

From the dates that comments are posted, you can understand that the conduct of the promoter is timeless, regardless of the complaints they receive, directly through the numbers they use to disturb the world, or indirectly through complaints to Wind itself:


Is there evidence that this number is directly related to Wind? But of course… The company itself admits this (we use screenshots not to delete the comment):

How do we know that plegmanet is a Wind Subsidiary (2)? But they do not hide it:

But let's go to Plegmanet, which although it has full details that reveal its natural space, the internet seems to have a very ghost presence. The company's website has long been hacked and nobody cares: The above picture explains why if you try to visit the website you can not read the Greek characters: It is encoded in UTF-7 instead of UTF-8. Also the meta of the page has been changed by the hacker:

Hacked by Anonymous Ghost Gaza

As for the right customer now that the title says. Do not look for it you will not find it, especially if you are gentle with such companies. There are dozens of posts starting with 2012 and complaints that have remained complaints.

The only possible way that can help is to file your complaint through the Personal Data Protection Authority's web site at the following link:


You can also contact the National Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT). EETT is an Independent Administrative Authority, is the National Regulatory Authority that regulates, supervises and controls: (a) the electronic communications market, in which fixed and mobile telephony, wireless communications and the Internet
(b) the postal market in which postal and courier companies operate. In addition, EETT exercises the powers of a competition committee in these markets.

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